Record Requests - Records will be requested or subpoenaed, copied, numbered, bound, separated, and delivered or mailed to your office in the shortest time. This includes:

  • Obtaining authorizations from plaintiff attorney if none were provided
  • Preparing and mailing of subpoena or request
  • Preparing and mailing notice of taking deposition if applicable
  • Numbering and binding records either spiral or 2 hole bound at top

Record Duplication - Records and/or Files will be duplicated exactly as received and either returned to your office or mailed per your instructions.

Digital to Paper Conversion - We can print your digital documents on paper, or convert digital x-rays to film.

Record Scanning and Storage - Your records can be scanned and stored digitally on CD or DVD in several different formats. If desired, we will securely destroy the originals.

X-Ray Duplication - X-rays can be duplicated in house either as film copies or digitally. Same day service is available

  • MRI's
  • CT Films
  • Mamograms

Audio, Video, CD + DVD duplication

Trial Exhibits - Black and White or Color

Digital X-Ray Storage - Your x-rays/radiographs can be digitally stored. They take up less space and are immediately available for review.

In A Hurry? We can e-mail your records or X-Rays to you!


Digital document reproduction is a safe and efficient way to manage your records and x-rays. They cannot be altered but are immediately available for review. They take up less space and can be electronically forwarded by e-mail or fax to your experts or colleagues.